May 24, 2004

Surprise Bone

Something I forgot in my entry for this past weekend: we bought Scout the coolest dog treat ever! You may already know about "Kinder Eggs" for children -- a hollow chocolate egg with a toy inside. Crack open the egg, eat the shell, and play with the toy.

This dog treat operated along similar principles -- a "surprise bone" for dogs! The outside of the bone was cast out of some hard-yet-chewable material; with sufficient chewing (and Scout is a pro at that), the shell broke into two halves and two soft chew sticks fell out of the hollow center. Once Scout discovered and devoured the treats inside, we thought that she was done with the outer shell, but later in the day she came back to that, too. Now, after a few days of determined chewing, both halves have been almost whittled down to nothing. Fun for the whole family to watch and lasting chew-value for the dog -- we'll definitely be buying this treat again.

Posted by Kevin at May 24, 2004 09:16 PM