July 23, 2004

The Small News

  • The summer DOM begins today! At least we get to go to DOM for a night or two before we leave.

  • Today also marks the beginning of "Hamburg Harley-Days". (The first time I heard this being announced on the radio, I thought for a second that the announcer was only bringing a new and exciting pronunciation to a common English word before I caught on ...) Walking home from work yesterday, I had to contend with a few Harleys riding on the sidewalk -- our office is near the site of the festivities, there's been a lot of roadwork going on, and apparently Harley riders are TOO COOL to sit and wait in traffic like everyone else.
    In honor of the event, there are some Harleys on display inside the Hanse-Viertel, an indoor shopping arcade near our apartment. I walked up to one bike and read its information card to find out that a local dealer was selling it for a cool 35,000 Euro, brand-new. Harley-Davidson -- the choice of rebels and loners who also happen to be international plutocrats!

  • And thanks to a discussion group linking to our pages, I've found out that the "Power Builder" ride that we rode at Legoland Billund (scroll down to the bottom of the page for Power Builder pictures) is an off-the-shelf attraction: a KUKA "Robocoaster". (Quality German engineering!) So if anyone reading this happens to own a theme park, you might want to contact KUKA and install a set. Apparently there's a plan in the works to make the name more accurate by putting the robotic arms onto a roller-coaster track ...

  • Still working on finishing the London/Ireland pics. As you might imagine, other pressures as of late have gotten in the way...

Posted by Kevin at July 23, 2004 08:31 AM