July 23, 2004

Grrrrr (Amazon.com)

Amazon.com lost all of my personal info a couple of weeks ago -- my account is still there, but my six years of ordering history, the couple of hundred books/CDs/DVDs I've rated, my wishlist . . . all just disappeared. When I first noticed the problem, I figured that it was just a temporary glitch and that I'd see everything again soon, but nothing's come back yet.

I never paid too much attention to all of their personalization stuff when it worked, but now that Amazon is recommending The DaVinci Code and The South Beach Diet as 'books you might enjoy', I want my info back!

The fact that my wishlist still exists in a disembodied form -- I can follow an old link to it, but it's no longer associated with my account -- makes me hope that the rest of my data is likewise still out there in the Great Beyond, just out of reach but able to be yanked back. I sent a query off to their help department; we'll see what they say.

Posted by Kevin at July 23, 2004 04:02 PM