August 09, 2004

Yet Another Reason To Boot Out Bush In November

This morning I pick up the L.A. Times to find that the Bush Administration thinks that New Mexico's Valle Vidal, the landscape pictured to the left, would be immeasurably enhanced by the addition of 500 natural-gas wells and associated machinery -- so much enhanced, actually, that the White House has intervened to "fast-track" the project over the opposition of the U.S. Forest Service, New Mexico state officials, and local community groups. . . . I've been to the Valle Vidal (that's me in the picture!), and administration cheerleaders certainly can't claim that the Valle is a featureless good-for-nothing wasteland that practically deserves to be drilled for oil and gas, as they've previously claimed for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

I just don't understand the mentality of people who feel the need to "fast-track" the destruction of beautiful places for dubious claims of national necessity. And every time I'm willing to concede that there might be some shred of human decency or genuine love-of-country inside the Bush White House, they take some new action, come forward with some new policy, or make a pronouncement that shows me that no, they actually are a bunch of soul-sucking zombies intent on destroying everything they can get their hands on, after all. (And I'm sure that thinking such things these days makes me an Unpatriotic Unamerican -- all of my thoughts should be focused on our great and ongoing national struggle! If we don't pillage the earth for methane extraction as soon as possible, then The Terrorists Have Already Won!)

Posted by Kevin at August 9, 2004 09:35 AM