August 18, 2004

Go Tyler Hamilton!

My personal grab-the-hanky moment of this year's Olympics: not only did Tyler Hamilton win the Olympic men's cycling time trial today, but he also dedicated his ride to the memory of his dog Tugboat, who had to be put to sleep during the Tour de France last month. He carried Tugboat's dog tag along with him during the ride, pulling it out to show to the TV cameras while he talked about his dog during the standard how-do-you-feel post-race interview.

Tonight confirmed my already good impression of Hamilton -- given the bad luck he's experienced during the past couple of Tour de Frances, hopefully he can come into his own during next year's (possibly-post-Lance?) TdF.

(Meanwhile, a certain German cyclist distinguishes herself in a different way -- apparently her gesture is directed at the German cycling federation, rather than anyone at the Olympics or in her race, but still ... )

Posted by Kevin at August 18, 2004 10:24 PM