October 08, 2004

More Debate

I think tonight's 'town hall' debate came across as more evenly matched -- rhetorically I'd definitely have to give the edge to Kerry again, albeit by a much smaller margin. Bush didn't help himself by acting like a berserker during the first half, acting as if YELLING HIS ANSWERS WOULD QUASH ALL DISSENT -- I was almost waiting for him to jump into the crowd and throttle some random audience member; when he steamrolled Charlie Gibson in order to start yelling about Tony Blair, I thought that maybe things would finally come to blows, but no luck.

And then there was this:

One questioner asked Mr. Bush whom he would pick if there were a Supreme Court vacancy. "I'm not telling you," the president said. "I really haven't picked anybody yet." He added lightheartedly, "Plus I want them all voting for me."

Um, George? You're really not a guy who should be letting the phrases "Supreme Court" and "all voting for me" come anywhere near each other ...

Posted by Kevin at October 8, 2004 09:41 PM