October 22, 2004

A More Modern Variation On "Your call is EXTREMELY important to us, so we'll let you sit on hold while we pick the lint from our toenails"

Tonight I thought I'd be proactive and order phone service for the new house. Since it's outside normal business hours, I thought that I'd make my order over the Web. I give the phone company all kinds of sensitive personal information, and slog through screen after screen of "Are you SURE you don't want to SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE and KEEP IN TOUCH by buying the SuperConnect PureTalk 12-Way SimpleChoice UltraDistinctiveCalling CommuniCenter Unlimited Package With CallerID/Distinctive Ring/TelemarketerAvoid/WireAssurance Gold for ONLY an extra $48.95 per month? Integrate it with the Message Center Plus for an additional $12.67/month!!"

Finally I reach the Holy Grail -- the last page, where I choose a date and time for installation, press the SUBMIT MY ORDER button, and get this:

Did my order go through? I'm guessing "no". I backed up a couple of times and tried to submit my order again, with the same sad results. Hopefully we won't be getting four phone bills during our first month in the new house. SBC -- we value your business so little, we can't even be bothered to make sure that our computers are working!

Why are telecom companies such a refuge for the incompetent?

Posted by Kevin at October 22, 2004 06:59 PM