March 21, 2005

Old(er) Anaheim

Even though our house may be 100 years old next month, it's a relative newcomer to the neighborhood, moved to its current location just ten years ago. While browsing around in the Anaheim Public Library's online archive of historical Anaheim photographs, I found one picture that underscores that fact: an aerial view of our street from the 1940s.

Our street, Atchison Street, is the second street up from the bottom. Railroad tracks used to run through what's now our front yard! You can place our house just to the right of where the spur to the turntable breaks off the main line. The next railroad track up, holding the line of boxcars, is now a Metrolink main line, connecting Los Angeles and Orange County. The Sunkist packing house, right behind the boxcars, has now given way to a condo complex. The lines and lines of fruit trees in the distance have been replaced with tract houses and strip malls, Orange County's current cash crop.

Posted by Kevin at March 21, 2005 10:22 AM