May 02, 2005

I'm Alive, and Lingering Questions

Just in case anybody's been worried/wondering, I did make it back safely from Hamburg. After my week of work, I spent a couple of tourist days (one in Hamburg, one in Berlin — pictures coming soon), and then had an uneventful flight back to LAX this past Monday.

Everybody at home seemed very happy to see me; Digory, in particular, hit some notes in his welcome-home baying that I wouldn't have guessed that he was capable of making.

Some lingering questions about Germany that my short trip was unable to resolve:

  • So what is it with the whole no-public-drinking-fountains thing?
  • Why is it called Germanistik, and not, say, Deutschistik?
  • At current rates, how long will it be before every single retail space in Hamburg has been converted to an H&M? (There are four outlets in downtown Hamburg that are within very easy walking distance of one another; on my next trip, I'll be expecting to see two H&Ms built across the street from each other, or occupying different floors of the same building ...)
I did not bring back enough.
Posted by Kevin at May 2, 2005 08:49 AM