July 06, 2005


So London triumphs over all and snags the 2012 Olympics hurrah for the English-speaking countries, I guess.

If only the US Olympic Committee had chosen San Francisco over NYC, like they should have, and the Germans had chosen Hamburg over Leipzig (Leipzig??!?), like they should have now that could have been a host-city contest to capture my heart.

At least the Hamburgers are trying again for 2016, last I heard. And one of the post-pick articles I read opined as to how Los Angeles now had a decent shot at 2016 hopefully LA is trying for the 2016 Games, and that wasn't just an episode of wishful thinking from a member of the SoCal media elite. (If London can three-peat the Olympics, why can't we?)

Posted by Kevin at July 6, 2005 12:03 PM