February 23, 2006

Looking At The Logs

I don't do it as much as I used to, but every now and then I take a look at happybeagle.com's server stats to see what our visitors are looking at and where they're coming from. The following two pictures have been the most popular items on our server for quite some time — and they've even achieved a certain measure of Google-popularity:
As of right this minute, if you search Google for "drag queen", the first image result you get is the one at left, which I took inside Karstadt (big department store, main shopping street) during Hamburg's gay pride parade in 2004.

Unfortunately, it's Google-popularity seems to come from people posting it as a retort in message boards that deal with manly-man topics: "OH YEAH??? U DON"T KNO ANETHING ABOUT NASCAR (football/college sports/muscle cars/whatever) BECUZ U R TEH GAY!!!!1! HERE"Z A PICTUR THAT I TOOK UV U AND YOUR 'GRILFRIEND' LAST WEEKEND!!!!!1!! HAW HAW!!!"

The image at right is often linked to by fans of the Hamburger SV soccer team who want to include a picture of the AOL Arena (where HSV plays) on their I'm-a-rabid-fan-go-HSV!!! webpage. The only problem is that this isn't the AOL Arena ... it's a model of the arena, a picture that I took during my first visit to Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg. Still, that hasn't stopped it from becoming Google's #1 image-search result for "AOL Arena"!
Posted by Kevin at February 23, 2006 08:22 AM
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