August 20, 2006

Philmont Photos: First Pass

I'm working on a deluxe narrative-with-pictures of my Philmont trip. Thanks to the demands of work, adoption paperwork, and miscellaneous household tasks, I haven't gotten very far. As a stopgap measure, here's a Photoshop web gallery of all of the pictures that I took. Use your imagination to fill in the captions until I come along to fill them in for you.

Photographer's Note: Unfortunately, some of what I thought were my best pictures didn't turn out, with poor focus being the number one cause of ruination. I blame operator forgetfulness, combined with the world's stupidest autofocus. Due to worries about running out of battery power in the backcountry, I put my digital camera up on the shelf for this trip and took down my real film point-and-shoot, a Yashica T4. The T4 is renowned for putting a German-made Zeiss lens inside of an affordable Japanese camera body; sadly, some of the 'intelligence' that they put in along with that lens wasn't of comparable quality. After five years of leaving the T4 to gather cobwebs, I'd forgotten the skills necessary to coax its focus lock into focusing onto what I wanted to take a picture of, rather than, say, some random point in the background ...

Posted by Kevin at August 20, 2006 12:05 AM
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