November 10, 2006

Why I Love the Register

Why I love the Orange County Register, our local paper: Its letters page is an endless source of free entertainment. Every day you've got a cross-section of Orange County's population of stalwarts and true believers writing deadly earnest letters like this one (emphasis in the excerpt mine):

Despite what the Register editors believe, the war in Iraq has been an unmitigated success. [...] My only criticism of Bush's prosecution of the war is that he has been overly sensitive to the prospect of civilian casualties at the expense of defeating the insurgency. Our military must take off the kid gloves and use tactical nuclear weapons to utterly demoralize and defeat the enemy. This will also reduce American casualties, as it did with Japan during World War II.

George — his only problem is that he's too sensitive! I've often thought of combing the letters page daily and collecting the most noteworthy gems into some kind of "greatest hits" file.

(But are these people really deadly earnest? Or how many letters are written by pranksters, who, after years of reading letters about the perfidy of the Democrats, the evils of fluoridation, and the unfairness of being taxed to pay for things like mass transit and a public university system [damn thing's just turning out more liberals anyways!], have decided to test whether or not there are any limits to what the Register's editors will accept and publish?)

Posted by Kevin at November 10, 2006 09:02 AM
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