April 26, 2006

Dystopian Typography

We managed to see V For Vendetta this past weekend: great movie! (The "from the creators of the Matrix trilogy" tagline had me a little worried going in, since that's not exactly an indicator of quality.)

Type-geek observation on the film: poor residents of plausible-future fascist Britain — apparently prohibited by law from using any typeface other than Gill Sans! (I'll imagine that Johnston Sans might also be permissible in a pinch without bringing down the wrath of the jackbooted thugs.)

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April 21, 2006

Learn German — You Never Know When It'll Come In Handy

A few weeks ago, Tom Umberg, our local State Assemblyman, was going door to door in our neighborhood. Ostensibly, he was just getting to know the folks in his district and handing out informational pamphlets on the services that his office could provide; realistically, I'm sure he was out walking around because in a few months he'll be running for the State Senate district that also covers our neighborhood.

At our house, the person who opened the door happened to be me. After shaking my hand and saying a little bit about his pamphlet, he noticed the Ich wohne auch hier (I live here too!) sign mounted next to our front door and asked "Sprechen Sie Deutsch?"

We then proceeded to have a little mini-conversation in German — yes, yes, we had lived and worked in Hamburg; he had learned a little German from his grandmother (who was from Switzerland), although he had forgotten most of it — but now he could practice with the governor! Sehr schön! (And to his credit, he was successfully using and understanding the present perfect tense, which is far better than I'd have been doing if I had spontaneously dug up German that I'd learned from my grandmother years ago.)

And I thought that was the end of it — but the next week we got a follow-up letter, and signed at the bottom was this:

... now that's relationship management! I don't care if he's running against the reincarnation of Mother Teresa — Tom Umberg's got my vote!

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April 05, 2006

Our Long National Nightmare Is Over

During a trip to Costco tonight, I learned that you can finally purchase The DaVinci Code in paperback. That should be real helpful for those three people left who might want to read it, but didn't want to spring for the hardback and found a trip to the library too inconvenient.

If you lived in Europeland, of course, you could have bought an English-language paperback copy over two years ago. Read the review that I wrote back then here. (I didn't read it of my own volition — our San Jose book club forced us into it!)

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