Tour Kevin & Shelby's Hamburg Apartment

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Welcome to our apartment. It's on the fourth floor. It's average-sized by American standards, but it's just the right size for two people and a dog who've put most of their personal belongings into storage on the other side of the world. It came pre-furnished in IKEA chic. We like it because the high ceiling and all of the windows make it seem light and airy, even on the typical not-so-light Hamburg day.
Peer into our spacious refrigerator. At least this fridge comes with a freezer; the apartment where Kevin lived in 2000 didn't have one. Here's our collection of English-language books, sitting on top of the dresser, underneath the stairs. Will these be enough to last us the entire six months of our stay? (Knowing how we read, no ...)
Climb the stairs and you're in our sleeping loft. Two skylights bring more light up top. The super-plush sheepskin that we got especially for Scout at IKEA; naturally, she's chosen to ignore it entirely, preferring to sleep on our bed, or on the floor next to the sheepskin.
Our balcony is actually one long common strip shared between three different apartments. So far the neighbors have walked past our window once; they waved. The view from the end of the balcony (we're separated from the end of the building by a private balcony that belongs to the adjacent apartment).
Our bathroom is more or less like any American bathroom, except for ... ... the water meters (one for cold, one for hot) mounted in the tile beside the toilet, paired with the main on/off valves for the apartment. Flush the toilet or run water in the bathtub and see exactly how much water you're wasting, as you're wasting it (you horrible person).
By this point, Scout has already claimed the couch as her own -- although under duress, she'll let other people use it from time to time.

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