April 22, 2003

Oh, the Suspense!

I ate the hamburger.

And realized an eternal truth: no matter what you do, french fries really aren't that good the second time around. It's amazing how a food item could be soggy, yet thoroughly dry at the same time.

Kevin would be proud. He complains that I don't ever eat leftovers and eat too much Bento Xpress. I argue that when he's at work he gets to buy a freshly prepared lunch every day, so why shouldn't I? Hey, it gets me out of the house. Besides, certain items (like soup, for example) are better the second day, while other items (read: french fries) just don't live up to their former glory.

Posted by Shelby at April 22, 2003 01:07 PM


Posted by: Kevin at April 22, 2003 02:21 PM

I find that more often than not, I use my oven rather than my microwave to reheat leftovers. It does help keep everything from getting soggy. Perhaps you could revive your fries this way.

Posted by: Erik at April 23, 2003 02:48 PM

I have to agree with Shelby (which I'm sure shocks you all). French fries are always gross when reheated. Its the way it is. They're mushy and yet oddly dry.

I think, to solve the leftover issue, that Kevin should take the leftovers to work for lunch, leaving Shelby with no choice but to go out for her lunch! :-)

Posted by: Mary at April 24, 2003 09:28 AM
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