May 09, 2003

Jolly Rancher

It finally occurred to me to visit the Jolly Rancher Website in search of the Jolly Rancher gummies I remember from my days in Michigan. Lo and behold, the gummies are still being made! Now, the question is, where do I find them?

I learned that Jolly Rancher has a wide assortment of fruity, juicy offerings. For example, there are JR chews (looks like a Starburst knockoff), JR lollipops (which I knew about) and JR lollipops with chews inside of them. Apparently JR jelly beans are available year-round (or so they claim). In fact, the only kind of JR product I didn't find were the JR sticks of my childhood. The long, flat, ruler shaped sticks that used to cost 10 cents and were on sale at the Little League field. I wonder what happened to those?

Posted by Shelby at May 9, 2003 06:30 PM