May 28, 2003

I Have Returned!

I have returned from my extended weekend and camp reunion. I had a great time. I was even in the slide show. Granted it was a picture of me as a 16 year old camper, wearing green neon shorts (it was the 80's!).

As it turned out, Kevin would have hated it, which is what I expected, which is why he didn't come. There were three basic groups at camp. The old, old staff members, the middle staff members (me), and the staff members who are currently staff members (okay, I'll say it, the YOUNG staff members). And within those 3 groups people congregated in little cliques, so it was JUST LIKE CAMP AGAIN! Ah, that friendly feeling. Fortunately a small group of my friend-type-people were there and we had a wonderful time reminiscing. Our conversations went like this:

"Remember when my staff drove the golf cart into the lake?"
"Oh my God, that was so funny."
"Remember when they hung the canoe from the rafters in the dining hall with rock climbing rope?"
"Remember that night when there was the hail storm with a whole unit of popsicle [editor's note: hypothermic] children?"
"Oh I remember that. That was the same night the horses got out and completely freaked out!"
"And wasn't that really bad nurse fired that night?"
"You mean the nurse who gave someone Tinactin when she said she had a yeast infection?"
"Yeah, her!"
"She WAS fired that night."
"Where were you? I was in the Health Center trying to warm up popsicle children"
"I was holding horses in the hail storm. And then one bit its lip and bled all over me"
"I was in the parking lot when the fired nurse's bags were thrown out of the van and she was summarily sent home."
"Ah, those were the days."

That was the good conversation. Unfortunately, the whole morning was filled with conversations like:
"So what have you been doing these last 8 years?"
"Well, I got married, had a baby/am having a baby, and I'm teaching. You?"
It seems that everyone who used to work at camp either became a teacher or is still living with their parents and working for the Girl Scouts. I was an anomaly.

Because of my heart I was spared walking around the huge camp property. I got to drive a golf cart instead (although I didn't drive it into the lake like one of my staff did). The golf cart was very convenient. As my friend Tiffaney said, "I'm really sorry you're sick but this works out very well for me." I had forgotten how funny Tiffaney is.

So that's the update on the camp reunion. I've had good luck with reunions. I really enjoyed my high school 10 year reunion as well. I would encourage you to attend your local reunion.

Posted by Shelby at May 28, 2003 11:50 AM