July 14, 2003

Happy Bastille Day!

Let's all celebrate by drinking some French wine!

I finished A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (by Betty Smith). Wow. This book is a classic for a reason! Reminiscent of Angela's Ashes (by Frank McCourt), A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is the childhood and coming of age of Francie and her dirt poor family in Brooklyn in the early 1900s. You'll fall in love with Francie, her favored brother Neely, her imperfect but unapologetic father, her resourceful mother, and a variety of aunts, uncles, and other influences. I highly recommend this book.

God it's hot today :(. Lucky Scout just got a Frosty Paw. Frosty Paws are doggie ice cream. They come in little tubs just like the ice cream you used to eat with a wooden stick. Scout LOVES Frosty Paws. When I give her one, she very daintily picks up the edge of the container with her teeth and carries it off to another room to eat (she's afraid we'll try to steal her tasty treat). If you approach her while she's eating it, she'll give you a dirty look and then take it somewhere else. Some dogs like ice and like chewing on ice. Scout is not one of those. But she loves her Frosty Paws.

Posted by Shelby at July 14, 2003 03:38 PM