August 02, 2003

Not much to report these days

The weather has cooled off nicely here in San Jose so of course we don't need our brand-new air conditioner. Expect cool skies all summer. Last weekend we got both cars washed. The deep cleaning kind where they vacuum it out for you and everything. They looked so nice! Then 3 days later it rained. The carwash has a policy that if it rains the day after you get your car washed, you get another exterior wash for free. Naturally it rained after this guarantee was up. I really shouldn't say rain, it was more of a sprinkle. Just enough to get the cars dirty.

Yesterday morning I had a meeting in Palo Alto for Kaplan's "Absolute Commitment to Excellence." It was your typical corporate pep rally with a Kaplan twist--we broke into small groups and practiced how we would impart this information to the students. For a while Kaplan has been using the phrase "Higher scores guaranteed!" but apparently starting August 11, there's actually going to be a higher score guarantee. That is, if your score doesn't go up you can now (post 8-11) get your money back. Makes you wonder what they meant when they said higher scores guaranteed before. But anyway, I'm just a tool of the Man in this case.

My first Kaplan class is going well. I'm relieved to be done with math and am moving on to the Verbal portion. I have 4 verbal sessions and then I'm done with my first class!

Posted by Shelby at August 2, 2003 09:17 PM