August 08, 2003

I'm Part of a Media Revolution!

Been surfin' the Blogosphere for interesting blogs and articles, which is very easy to do because blogs are inherently linked to many other blogs and articles, ensuring quick delivery of fast, highly opinionated reading material. And I came across this quote at Buzz Machine which struck me:

Media is going to go through big changes because the audience is gaining control over their content; there is far more competition for our time; ad revenue to any single entity is decreasing across all media; costs must thus be reduced. Weblogs are part of that story.

See that?! Big changes, bay-bee! And I'm a part of that story. As Jeff Jarvis (Buzz Machine) says:

The truth is that weblogs are an influence to be reckoned with.

You will reckon with me!

No longer will this blog be nothing but complaints about my neighbors and the ice cream men who haunt my very existence. NO! I'm going to effect social change in addition to complaining about my neighbors and the interminable ice cream men. Effect social change, I tell you! Or at least comment on it.

Am I the only blog you read? Well broaden your blog horizons! I like Lilek's Bleat and Wil Wheaton dot net, and it seems like everybody who is somebody in the blogging world likes Instapundit though I haven't spent much time there myself.

So look for a NEW Shelby's Life and Whatnot. A RELEVANT Shelby's Life and Whatnot. A SOCIALLY AWARE Shelby's Life and Whatnot. Vive la revolucion!

Posted by Shelby at August 8, 2003 12:03 PM

this is going to be Shelby - "Oh my God! Its 2am on Thursday night and I still haven't written my meaningful blog entry!!"

Posted by: Mary at August 9, 2003 01:42 PM

Funny, Mary. Very funny. ;)

Posted by: Shelby at August 9, 2003 05:53 PM
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