August 10, 2003

Political Dissent!

Other bloggers are reading my blog! Cool. MommaBear left this comment on my post about Arnold. She says:

Please do consider that, in spite of his 'movie-star' status, Arnold also has a very good degree in business. He's anything BUT stupid; he just plays stupid in the movies as a career. Listen to him with an open mind; he may surprise you.

"I'm not a stupid guy, I just play one on TV." What disturbed me the most about Arnold's entering the race was the way that he chose to do it. The governorship is a serious office. California has serious problems. Yet he announces he's running on a TV comedy show. What does he think this is, a joke? The recall is enough of a circus without him making it more so. Yet he's acting like it's some big ha ha. It's appalling that he keeps everyone in the dark including his own staff and aides so that he can announce in such a ridiculous venue. According to this Time magazine article:

In fact, top adviser George Gorton stood at the edge of the set [of the Tonight Show], holding the official statement that began, "I am not running for Governor ..."


A few moments into the show's afternoon taping, Schwarzenegger declared to a squealing studio audience, "I am going to run for Governor of the state of California." It took Gorton until after the commercial break to figure out that Schwarzenegger wasn't joking; the crumpled statement was still in Gorton's hand as stagehands ejected him from the studio for using his cell phone to begin alerting Schwarzenegger's other clueless advisers.

Does he think this is funny? To pull the wool over his adviser's eyes and then surprise them?

He may surprise me? He already has! What other surprises does he have in store for us? Obviously we can't trust a word he says, as he told Jay Leno minutes before the show (same Time article):

Schwarzenegger murmured, "I am bowing out." And that's what everyone was expecting to hear.

So he thinks it's a great idea to pull the old switcheroo? What's next, he promises in his campaign not to raise taxes and then, once elected, informs everyone of their big tax raises on Letterman? Ha ha ha ha ha.

He's mocking Californians, and I for one don't find it very funny.

Posted by Shelby at August 10, 2003 04:22 PM