August 26, 2003

The Return of the Hogans

Sorry for the long delay in blogging--we made a simply lovely trip down to LA and Orange County to visit the 'rents. We also got to see Brad and Katrina and of course my darling neices Corie and Seana. Seana turns 1 this week. Where did that year go???

We also attended a very nice wine tasting on Saturday. Our host went nuts at the Cheese Store of Beverly Hills and had the most amazing cheese spread. No, a table of cheese, not a spreadable cheese. Well there was a spreadable cheese, but most were solid cheeses. There were some divine sheep's milk cheeses. I pretty much parked myself there for most of the evening.

Remember, Cheeses Saves! Hahahhahahahahahaha

We headed to Costco and managed to make it out without breaking the bank. We were really quite restrained, leaving with only a few items like men's athletic socks, 400 tablets of Benadryl, and enough bulk fiber supplement (generic Metamucil) to keep a horse regular.

We visited with Kevin's parents and the White Menace (Harry the Maltese). The White Menace spent the whole time trying to jump onto my shoulder and take a bite out of my ear. Okay, to be fair, he was only trying to lick my ear. That little dog was bouncing nonstop for over an hour. I don't know where he gets the energy.

In the blogging world, I realized that I'm only on week two of the Friday Five and I already managed to forget to do it. I'll do it in a separate post.

Meanwhile, it's hot here in San Jose. And we're back to our semi-boring lives. School starts up again at the end of Sept. and I'm moving on to Intermediate German, having completed my Elementary German with flying passes (on a pass/no pass scale). The class is a combined class for basically all the upper levels of German, so Kevin and I will be in the same class. That should be interesting.

Posted by Shelby at August 26, 2003 06:52 PM

The cheese at the wine tasting was indeed divine, but I'll bet that the Cheese Board Collective in Berkeley ( ) could take the Cheese Store of Beverly Hills out back behind the woodshed anytime -- an organized collective of the proletariat versus the profit-fixated bourgeoisie anytime, baby!

Posted by: Kevin at August 26, 2003 10:47 PM
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