September 20, 2003

Saturday Doings

Well today has been a full day--two cultural festivals in one day!

The first was Silicon Valley's premiere dog culture festival, Bark in the Park. This is our third year of attending Bark in the Park and each year it's been HOT! Today was no exception. There were a ton of people there and we saw a respectable amount of beagles (the most noble dog breed, as we all know). Scout was pretty much uninterested in her breed brethren. In fact, the whole event was rather overwhelming to Scout. She was foaming at the mouth from panting in the heat, yet she was too distracted to drink much water. At one point we decided to take a rest in the shade. I spotted a clear area and we headed over. Of course, there's a reason why the area was clear. It was next to a trash bin, where a number of responsible dog owners deposited their dog waste. Pee-yew!

We visited each booth, including one selling Snoopy art which we considered buying. We also stopped by the Downtown Dogs booth, Scout's old daycare. They all remembered Scout and showered her with affection, even though it's been nearly 2 years since she went there. We miss Downtown Dogs as Scout loved it there, but since I'm home all the time it doesn't make sense to send her to daycare.

We tried to beat the heat by buying Scout some doggy ice cream, peanut butter flavor, but she turned up her nose at it. In fact, she barely gave it a sniff! We were surprised because she loves Frosty Paws, a doggy ice cream you can get in the store. But Scout was too distracted and hot to concentrate. We offered the ice cream to a nearby large dog who promptly lapped it up and loved every minute of it. At least someone enjoyed it!

After Bark in the Park we headed home for a rest before going over to our church's Japanese cultural festival, Aki Matsuri. Kevin was scheduled to work as a cook in the Yakisoba booth (yakisoba is fried noodles and vegetables--mmmm). In fact, he's there right now. I came home early because it was just too darned hot.

I can't believe this heat wave we've been having. It's nearly the end of September, yet our weather has been in the high 80s and 90s the past couple of days! It's supposed to get up to 92 tomorrow. Yikes!

Posted by Shelby at September 20, 2003 04:13 PM