September 25, 2003

Day 2 of German, and a Haircut

Like the title says, today was Day 2 of German. *sigh* Frau Melas speaks rather quickly (well, at a normal speed, but too fast for me to keep up with it) and uses next-to-no English. I know this is the best way to learn, but I'm a little dismayed at only being able to understand about 25% of what she's saying. The woman who was in my class last year had her introduction today and yes, her German is worse than mine, so at least I'm not the lowest in the class :). She's really a very nice woman. I was able to say, "Und sie hat drei kinder, auch" (and she also has 3 children) so I was glad to be able to say something fluently.

But by far the best news of the day is that I finally got my hair cut!! It has been hanging in my eyes, which drives me NUTS, for over two weeks. My friend Jennifer (Faux salon in Campbell, 408-378-FAUX for you local readers) did a fantastic job as usual. Plus I got to catch up on the latest news about Sadie who turns one on Monday (where did the year go??). Sadie is walking now, and saying "Uh oh!" Very cute.

Posted by Shelby at September 25, 2003 09:38 PM