September 26, 2003

It's Friday Five Time!

Unfortunately, there's no Friday Five this week. SO, instead I'm doing a Saturday 8. I know, I'm a day early. What's worse, I'm using the questions from two weeks ago. Deal.

1. did you participate in competitive sports as a child?
I did, yes. I think sports are good for kids. Except for the out of control parents who shout at the coaches, the umpires, and their own kids if they're not winning.

2. if so, which one(s)? if not, why not?
I played soccer, baseball (T-ball), and softball. And I sucked at every single one of them. I also danced (jazz and tap) for a number of years and consider that a sport

3. did your high school have a 'good' football team?
We had one good player but as a team we sucked.

4. did you go to high school football games? why or why not?
I did, because they were fun, but mostly because I was in the band and so I was performing at all of the home games.

5. which was the best in your high school: the football team, the cheerleaders or the band?
Honestly they were all really lame.

6. in high school, were you a cheerleader, a football player or a band member? why or why not?
I was in the band as a flag twirler (what we called Tall Flags but what many schools call Colorguard). Our band was pretty bad, but our flag team was really bad.

7. did you participate in college sports? why or why not?
Ah, no. I have become even less coordinated as an adult than I was as a child. Plus I went to a Big Ten school (at least at first) where sports were a huge thing and most of the athletes were there on scholarship.

8. it's football season again. do you prefer college or NFL football?
College by far. I pretty much despise professional athletics as I find the players to be overhyped, overpaid, and very poor role models on the whole. College athletics I like, because only a few of them are going to become professional athletes and most of them play because they truly love the game. When I was at Purdue I was a big football and basketball fan. I still like college basketball a lot, but since I no longer watch television I don't really see any sports at all. Kevin and I are planning on going to the Cal/Stanford game this year, if we can.

Posted by Shelby at September 26, 2003 08:41 PM