September 30, 2003

Girl's Night In

Tonight was a good night. I got together with Dorothy, Hai-Nhu, and Sandy for a girl's night in at Dorothy's new house. Now I'm the only one in the group who's not a homeowner :(. The four of us used to work together at IBM until I got laid off. Now I get to catch up on all the IBM gossip without having to slave all day to get it!

Kevin left some good links in my comments and I thought I would call them out to you.

If you want to hear what full-out beagle baying sounds like (and what Scout sounded like when she treed the cat), click here.

If you're bothered (as I am) by people who don't know how to use punctuation correctly, check out Bob the Angry Flower's "Quick Guide to the Apostrophe, You Idiots."

Posted by Shelby at September 30, 2003 11:37 PM