October 11, 2003


Well we're still recovering from our horrible root beer encounter. In the meantime, poor Scout has had a tough day as well. She started the day with a full body massage (read: bath), then took a trip in the car (which she hates) to Petsmart (which she likes) to get her nails trimmed (which she hates). I'd cut them myself, but she hates to have her paws handled and when you get the clippers nearby she starts howling her "You're pulling off my paw" yelp. It's much easier to pay someone to do it.

After the nail trim we got 3 important items--a bag of Old Mother Hubbard assorted dog treats, a package of rolled rawhide sticks, and Greenies. Greenies are a breath odor control product that contain a secret ingredient that makes dogs go absolutely crazy for them. I think they're filled with cocaine or something. Anyway, she got one tonight as a reward for being such a brave dog with all of today's treatments.

And speaking of nail trimming, I had to cut my own nails today. This practice makes my mother simultaneously cringe and seethe in jealousy. I have great fingernails. They grow quickly and are strong, and for the most part they grow evenly in a nice shape. My problem? They get too long. They rarely break, so I have to cut them. My mother, OTOH, has had artificial nails for as long as I can remember and spends a lot of energy keeping them up. Now here's the other thing. I really don't care about my nails. I never paint them because the paint peels off in a day or 2 (one of my students who was a manicurist said that means my nails are really healthy and strip the polish off naturally). I'm not a girly girl, so I would be perfectly happy with short nails all the time, as long as they all looked the same. I also hate nail files. I cannot tolerate the grinding and scraping. It reminds me of getting my teeth drilled with no novocaine while someone scrapes their nails across a chalkboard. It makes me shiver and cringe just thinking about it. So no files for me. I actually take the cutters and go after my nails as best as I can. I think they look quite nice, thank you. Ah, my maintenance free nails. Lucky, I guess! (actually my dad's nails are the same way)

Posted by Shelby at October 11, 2003 11:02 PM