October 15, 2003

Dropping German

I had to drop my German class. It just became very clear that the class was too advanced for me. I felt I could squeak through on the written work, but the oral comprehension was just killing me. And most of the class was oral comprehension. I barely, if ever, understood what she was saying, and my stress levels were going through the roof. The class is made up of a variety of students from many different levels, most of whom already speak German or have been taking the advanced class for like 3 years. It also didn't help that the German teacher I had last year is the easier of the two. I also noticed that the two people I identified as being at my level have also dropped out of the class. It was awkward telling the teacher, but I really feel much better now that I've done this. I'll be devoting the extra time to my writing as my applications are looming closer. Kevin has been wonderfully supportive. So now if anyone wants to call on a Tuesday or Thursday afternoon, I'm free!

Posted by Shelby at October 15, 2003 04:39 PM