October 17, 2003

It's Friday Five Time!

We've got houseguests galore tonight with my folks coming into town and our good friend Wendy on her way back from a retreat. We'll be eating a scrumptious dinner at La Fondue, not to be confused with La Fonda which is an aerobics place. Hahahahahahahahaha I'm so funny! What's that? Okay, okay, I'll just get to the questions. Without further adieu, the Friday Five:

1. Name five things in your refrigerator.
A. Milk (nonfat, unfortunately)
B. Fizzy water (left over from book club)
C. Assorted fancy cheeses (left over from book club)
D. Juice Squeeze fizzy juice (left over from book club)
E. Mayo (used to make artichoke dip for book club)

2. Name five things in your freezer.
A. Salmon (compliments of Kevin's grandparents)
B. Frosty Paws (doggie ice cream)
C. Blackberries
D. Artichoke hearts (see E. above)
E. A candle holder with a burnt down candle in it (if you're having trouble getting candle remains out of a holder, pop it in the freezer and it will come right out. Usually. Today's household hint.)

3. Name five things under your kitchen sink.
A. A hand towel
B. Rubber gloves
C. Windex (or a generic version thereof)
D. Dog shampoo
E. Trash bags

4. Name five things around your computer.
A. Envelopes, assorted sizes
B. Grad school information, assorted schools
C. Return address labels (Snoopy themed)
D. Several different types of stationery
E. Stapler (not a red Swingline, though. Sorry Milton)

5. Name five things in your medicine cabinet.
Well, we have a medicine cabinet and a medicine drawer, but since the drawer is filled with heart medicines, that's no fun, so I'll address the cabinet.
A. Advil, generic
B. Extra-Strength Tylenol, generic
C. Benedryl (in a bottle), Costco brand
D. One lonely little foil wrapped tablet of Midol
E. Benedryl (in a box), Walgreens brand

Posted by Shelby at October 17, 2003 03:36 PM