November 03, 2003

Poor Me

I'm officially sick now. The persistent headache that I'd hoped would go away just got worse and so I finally visited the doctor and sure enough--sinus infection with a possible ear infection. My ears don't drain well (they never have, I had huge problems as a kid, and my baby niece Seana has the same problem and needed tubes in her ears). So I got antibiotics, a nose spray, and an extra asthma inhaler. The asthma inhaler doesn't have anything to do with my current problem, except that my old one ran out and I still have problems with cats.

I stopped by the library to drop off my finished library books and to pick up some new ones. I've decided to re-read the 4 Dark Tower books (Stephen King) as the 5th one comes out tomorrow. It's been a number of years since I read the series and I always like to catch up with the series when a new book comes out. The good news is that King has already written books 6 and 7 (the final books) so we don't have to worry about him dying before he finishes the series. Unfortunately the library didn't have all four books, they just had two of them. Lucky for me, they're the first two. I have to read things in order and it would have really ticked me off to have like the second and fourth books. Anyway, hopefully I can borrow the others from my dad, who I'm seeing this week.

Kevin is just aghast that I'm reading Stephen King. I think you had to be hooked on it in high school to be a fan of his horror stuff, but his non-horror stuff is really good. The Dark Tower is fantasy rather than scary, and King knows how to weave a good story. Kevin thought he'd never read/seen any King work, until I reminded him that The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile are both King, as is Stand By Me (which he's never seen. Don't worry, it's on our Netflix queue!). Anyway, who are you to judge what I read? I don't have to justify myself to you! I once published an academic paper on an Anne Rice book! So there!

Posted by Shelby at November 3, 2003 12:43 PM

My name is Shelby 2, & I thought it was so cool thet u have the same name as me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love u like a sister (lylas),

Posted by: Shelby Sipperly at November 3, 2003 02:51 PM

Hope you are feeling better soon!

Posted by: suzi at November 6, 2003 08:51 PM
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