November 29, 2003

Thanksgiving Greetings to All

Okay, a coupla days late :).

We made it back from LA in ship shape with no further fire incidents, although Kevin did replace the extinguisher at OSH. It was under $15, and as the pickup owner last Tuesday could tell you, worth every penny. If you've got some space in your car and want to be a Good Samaritan (or God forbid, have a little fire of your own) it's an excellent investment. Think about it.

We had a wonderful holiday. Wednesday we got to spend the day (and evening, and several bottles of wine) with Marc and Wendy. M & W used to live in San Jose but moved to Denver a year and a half ago. Wendy has been able to make it back out to visit by cleverly scheduling a conference in the area, but we hadn't seen Marc since they moved. As it turns out, Wendy's parents live in the town next door to my parents, and we were both in for the holiday so we hung out. It was great!

Thanksgiving was wonderful as well. The only damper on the event was the illness of little Addison, age 2, the son of my cousins. Addison was tres sick so he and his folks missed the dinner at my mom's, which was a bummer since they'd come out from Chicago to see everyone. We did get to see Addison's brother Ethan, age 1, and he's so big! Speaking of so big, I couldn't believe how big our niece Seana is getting! She's 15 months now and is running at top speed all over the house. Corie (8) is growing like a weed as well. It's going too fast!

We had appetizers at mom's and then headed to Kevin's Grandparents for dinner. Full turkey dinner with all the fixin's, mmmmmm. It was good to see his family too. Friday I slept all day to recover, and today we headed back. All in all, a fantastic holiday. And in a few weeks we'll repeat it all over again!

Posted by Shelby at November 29, 2003 09:41 PM