December 01, 2003


Someone's in major denial. It's Siegfried of Siegfried and Roy (no, the other Siegfried--ha ha). According to this article detailing Roy's recovery from his tiger mauling (which is good. I'm glad he's recovering), Siegfried says:

Fischbacher (that's Siegfried) downplayed Roy's injuries from the Oct. 3 attack, describing the illusionist's wound as "a little punch hole" on the left side of his neck.

Um, hello? I'm sorry, but when a tiger picks you up and carries you by the neck off the stage, that's bound to leave more than "a little punch hole."

Fischbacher has suggested that the animal was trying to help Horn, but other animal experts disputed that.

Trying to help him? Help him do what? Get the most out of his medical insurance? Time for a reality check.

Posted by Shelby at December 1, 2003 09:12 PM