December 06, 2003

Christmas is in the Air

Christmas is coming! Today Kevin put up the lights outside, hung the advent calendar, and put out some stuffed Santas. He even bought some of the old-fashioned bubble lights and lined them up along our front kitchen windowsill. It looks great. We're listening to Christmas music now.

Tonight we had Hanging of the Greens at church. It's an annual event with a potluck, carols, Santa, and making ornaments to decorate the trees. We had a good time with the exception of one very embarrassing moment on my part. I approached LeRoy, whom I haven't spoken to in a while.

Me: Hi LeRoy, how's it going?
LeRoy: Oh, you know, the same (he always gives this answer)
Me: Hey, how's your father?
LeRoy: Well, um, he passed away in June
Me: *gulp*

So I'm only 6 months behind the times! Yikes! I apologized profusely and made a quick escape.

There was also a band there made up of church members, and we all sang carols. I love Christmas music. Even the annoying songs like Jingle Bells. It always puts me in the mood. I'm such a Christmas person. I'm thrilled when the decorations go up and the stores start pumping out the music. I love Christmas!

Posted by Shelby at December 6, 2003 08:54 PM