December 11, 2003

Thursday Musings

I had this great dream this morning. It was very vivid and I was actually laughing in my sleep. I dreamt I was a freshman in college and my friend Jenny and I decided to go grocery shopping. So we teleported ourselves to the Ralphs by my parent's house, except Jenny didn't do it properly and was still invisible. She was pushing the shopping cart around the store and she didn't know that she was invisible and all you could see was this cart moving around on its own. It cracked me up. Then I had to wake up.

Girl's night out tonight with Dorothy, Hai-Nhu, and Sandy. We're eating at In 'n Out--mmmmmm.

This morning for some unknown reason I was thinking about a woman who was in my graduate program. She was quite loud and outspoken and generally annoying, although her worst trait was to constantly speak in sports analogies. Except her analogies always mixed sports and made little sense. Like "We're going to have to punt, but hopefully we'll hit a home run!" or "It was nothin' but net; he was completely down for the count." It really made you wonder if she understood the sports she was talking about. Yet she had so many analogies it was impossible for her to come up with all of those sports terms without having some familiarity with them. It was very odd.

My cardiologist just rocks. His nurse already sent me copies of some of the documents in my file to take to Germany. That will be really helpful if something goes wrong.

Posted by Shelby at December 11, 2003 05:14 PM