December 13, 2003


Well my favicons showed up again without any intervention on my part. Whatever. It's good to have Scouter's face back.

Big shopping day today. We went to Target and loaded up on presents and essentials. I hate shopping but I love Target. They have such nice stuff, and it's not expensive either.

Finishing up Christmas cards today. Kevin's doing the addresses and then we'll get some stamps tomorrow and mail them out. We're on time this year!

We also need to stop by Kinkos and get some passport pictures taken for our visas. Everything seems to be coming together. It looks like we've found an apartment. Our German liason, Helma, is negotiating for us. We asked if they take little dogs and sent along a couple pictures of Scout and apparently the pictures sealed the deal for us. She's such a cutie! The apartment we found is really nice. It's about a block away from an U-bahn (subway) station and only a few blocks from the language school. It's also close to a park. I hope we get this one. The pictures are pretty cool looking.

Posted by Shelby at December 13, 2003 08:11 PM