January 06, 2004

How Well Do You Know Me??

Well now there's a quiz where you can find out! Go take it at:


Keep in mind that there is partial credit for partially correct answers. Since the quiz doesn't give the correct answers (let alone the partially correct answers), I've included them in the extended entry below. Do not reveal the rest of this message until you've taken the quiz!

Also at the end of the quiz it asks for your email address to find out the answers. I strongly suspect this just signs you up for all kinds of spam, so do NOT give them your email address. Just return to this entry to find out the answers.

Have you taken the quiz yet? You better have, you cheater!

Q1. Where am I moving to in February
Correct answer: Hamburg, Germany.
Partial credit for Los Angeles, CA (I'll be living there for 9 days before going to Hamburg).
Partial credit for Munich, Germany (at least you got the country right)

Q2. What one movie can I quote all of the lines from?
Correct answer: The Princess Bride.
No partial credit on this one. I've never seen the Bride of Chucky.

Q3. What is my favorite beverage?
Correct answer: Red wine.
Partial credit: hot chocolate and root beer
If you guessed eggnog or grapefruit juice, I shall have to disown you as a friend.

Q4. My first job out of grad school involved a specific industry. What industry was it?
Correct answer: Heavy Duty Trucking for Karmak, Inc.
Partial credit: Academia. I still had a teaching position and taught one course while working at Karmak.

Q5. What color are my eyes?
Correct answer: greenish-brown
Partial credit: green
Partial credit: brown

Q6. What type of stuffed animal do I sleep with?
Correct answer: a Snoopy
Partial credit: a ratty old teddy bear (Teddy was replaced by Snoopy about 3 years ago)

Q7. I grew up near the...
Correct answer: beach (about 1.5 miles away)
Partial credit: mountains (about 2 and 1/2 hours away)

Q8. What is my favorite pasta-type dish?
Correct answer: Macaroni and cheese--all the way baby. If I'd included lasagna, it would have been a tie. So I left it off to simplify things.
Partial credit: Fettucini Alfredo. I like that a lot too.

Q9. Scout is what breed of dog?
Correct answer: Beagle, of course!
Partial credit: Miniature Harrier. There actually is no such thing as a miniature harrier. A full sized harrier is a hound that looks like a large beagle. One time when I was applying for apartments I came across a management company who allowed dogs but had certain breeds on their "no" list. I found out that beagle was one of the outlawed dogs, so at the next place I claimed that Scout was a miniature harrier. It wasn't on their "no" list so we got in!

Q10. Which of the following was NOT one of my majors in college?
Correct answer: Theater
No partial credit on this one. I was never a French major on its own but for a semester at Albion I was an English/French double major.

Hope you enjoyed my quiz! Make one of your own and let me know where it is!

Posted by Shelby at January 6, 2004 06:54 PM