January 07, 2004

Poor Little Puppy

Scout is undergoing some very serious torture right now. And she's so darned cute about it! Today we received her new dog sweater. As I explained before, she's never had a real dog sweater, at least not one that goes over her head and onto her legs. The sweater is adorable with a rugby-type design, green with a blue stripe and purple cuffs and neck. So Kevin calls over the very unsuspecting dog and I easily slipped the sweater over her head and paws. Then she froze. I mean she wouldn't move at all. It was like "If I stay very very still, maybe this thing will go away." She got a look of anguish on her face and was not very happy. It was so cute I couldn't stop laughing. Well she hates to be laughed at too so that didn't help things. She refused to eat a biscuit but did accept two small meat snacks. She then ran around rubbing herself on the floor trying to get the sweater off. Now she's just sitting there looking distressed. I think we'll leave it on for a while and put it on a couple more times before she really has to wear it, which is on the plane, which will be traumatic enough in itself. Kevin took a couple of pictures in her cute little sweater so I'll link them when he puts them up.

Posted by Shelby at January 7, 2004 07:28 PM