January 15, 2004


Well I sure feel better after getting all of those applications in the mail. Some excitement coming up though. Tonight we're taking our friend Anita out to dinner at Berkeley's most famous restaurant, Chez Panisse. We've been talking about going to Chez Panisse for, oh, three years or so now and we're finally doing it. It will be a joint celebration of my finishing my applications and Anita's graduation from law school (which happened over six months ago--well, we try).

Also tonight, Mom and Grandma are flying up from LA and Palm Springs, respectively, to assist with our garage sale taking place on Saturday. Let's hope it doesn't rain! Grandma is an experienced garage seller, having sold a number of garages...oh, wait. Anyway, Grandma has the experience we lack (mainly in determining pricing). We plan to spend tomorrow pricing items and then holding the sale.

Sunday is our Tschuss! party. Sorry, I don't have the German fonts that Kevin does. Come one, come all to celebrate our departure from the Bay Area!

In preparation for the garage sale, we're going through boxes. One of mine was dumped given to me by Mom and it was full of crap nostalgic items, such as a billion and a half pictures from my high school years, mainly my time on the flag team, some awards I won, papers I wrote (including a paper titled "Holden, Huck, and Atticus"), and a bunch of stuff from my freshman year at Purdue. Most of it went into the trash recycling. Still, there's a lot left to go through. I hate packing.

Posted by Shelby at January 15, 2004 04:24 PM