January 17, 2004

A Smashing Success

The garage sale was done by 12:30 because we basically ran out of stuff to sell. We're down to three small boxes of various things to take to Goodwill. I'd say we sold 98% of our stuff. And the best part is that we made more money than any of us would have ever guessed. After I counted the money and got over the shock I was like "wow, we should do this more often!" And here I was, worried that no one would want our castoffs. In the middle of the sale, our landlord showed up with some people who wanted to look at the house. We gave them a tour and everything, and then our landlord went out and bought 4 items from us! I thought that was pretty funny. We sold all of our big items with no problems--the computer desk, computer chairs, metal garage shelving, and the sofabed. Our living room looks like a completely different room without the sofa, and Scout is looking all over the house for it. Now we have to really start packing in earnest. We've got exactly one week left here. Of course, due to some poor planning on my part, we move out on the 26th and I have a doctor's appointment on the 29th. Oops. Luckily my friend Dorothy graciously agreed to host me while Kevin and Scout will go down South. Then, it's Germany!!!

Posted by Shelby at January 17, 2004 06:23 PM