January 20, 2004

How Dare They Use The Name!

There's a new virus going around, called "Bagle" or "Beagle." Like many viruses, this one comes as an email with the subject line "Hi," random characters in the body of the email, and an attachment with a .exe extenstion. As always, never click on an attachment unless you know who it's coming from and that it's safe.

But on to the real issue. "Beagle" indeed! The merry little hound who loves to sniff, snack, and snooze! How dare they use the name of such a noble canine companion. Everybody knows that a beagle would never harm anyone. Everybody knows that a beagle would never do the bidding of spammers trying to collect email addresses and turn unsuspecting private computers into automated spamming machines. Beagles just want love! And food. Also food. And don't forget the food. I'm appalled. These people should be stopped and made to rename their virus to "Cocker Spaniel" or "Maltese" or something. Horrible people.

Posted by Shelby at January 20, 2004 11:27 AM