January 29, 2004

Phase 1: Complete

Phase 1: Move out of San Jose and get down to LA.


Next up:
Phase 2: Final packing for Germany and getting out of LA
Phase 3: Making it to Germany in one piece, mit hund (with dog), and getting settled into the flat and getting back online

So I finally made it down to LA and am back online after my several day hiatus. Packing and moving out proved to be...shall we say...more of a challenge than we expected. Unfortunately Kevin's departure was seriously delayed and our now former landlord really jerked us around, but all of that is behind us now. Phew!

Poor Scout is completely traumatized. And it's just going to get worse when Kevin leaves on Sunday and then we leave the following week wearing the dreaded dog sweater. It might take her a whole day to get over it when we all reunite in Germany.

I had one last appointment with just about every doctor who's ever seen me in the Bay Area. They went well. My final appointment was today, to interrogate my ICD. Everything is perfect--the battery is in great shape, no events were recorded, no therapy was delivered (that's the clever euphamism they use to say "no big-ass shocks this time"), and if Marc is reading this he's going to call me on my passive sentences. Anyway, everything is as good as it could be and I'm all set for my 6 month adventure.

The next two days will be spent doing laundry, packing, and repacking while we make the final decision of what we want to haul to Germany vs. what is actually going to fit in our bags. This will be interesting. We are allowed two bags, 70 pounds each. For me, the dog is in addition to that so I get my full 140 pounds. I can't wait to land in Frankfurt and have to collect that 140 pounds, plus the dog, plus my backpack, plus my computer bag, and somehow get it all through customs. Let's hope I don't get inspected. I'll probably break down in tears and just hand over my marijuana to save them the trouble. I'm kidding. About the marijuana. The tears will probably happen if I do get stopped.

Anyway, I'll be updating regularly now that I'm back online until the 8th. Then hopefully I'll be back online a few days later.

Posted by Shelby at January 29, 2004 07:18 PM

Yes, I am reading this. It seems to me that "no therapy was delivered" is just part of the euphamism. Plus, enough passive sentences have been writen by me that you can be forgiven by me.

See how much better I am about passive sentences. It used to be that I couldn't even spot them, (event the ones I wrote), and now I can use them to make a joke.


Posted by: Marc at February 2, 2004 06:31 PM
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