February 01, 2004

Super Bowl, Part 2

Well I got sucked into turning on the Super Bowl. I'm a little bummed out since Kevin left today but I still have a week to stew before going over, and the house is so empty and quiet, I decided to turn on the most important game in the universe.

I came in at the second quarter and quickly picked the team I wanted to root for (the Panthers--better uniforms). I watched a few commercials and was unimpressed. And apparently there's a hot new kid in advertising. There was an IBM commercial (dumb) that featured this kid and Muhammed Ali. Then during the next break there was another commercial for Chrysler and the same kid was on there. Doh! You know someone's going to get it Monday morning.

Now it's the halftime show. Janet Jackson. I mean, Janet Jackson? Has she done anything lately? Apparently not because she just got finished singing "Rhythm Nation" which was popular when I was in high school, and I'm out of my 20s now. And it wasn't even a great song to begin with. You'd think they could do a little better.

I remain unimpressed.

Update: There's a new type of Viagra drug out now. Geez. I've stopped watching the game in favor of reading an article on the Internet about car salesmen. It's more interesting. I try to go into the other room when I hear a commercial but it seems like 90% of the commercials are either for the NFL or for programs on CBS. So much for the witty, original commercials I remember. Or maybe the commercials just seem better when you're sitting at a party with a beer in one hand and a bowl of chili in the other.

Update: A funny commercial, finally! This one was for Aloha Airlines and featured people sitting in plane seats, obviously inflight. There were two flight attendants at the front auctioning off a cheese sandwich, which they sell for $9.00. It was actually pretty funny and did the trick because I remembered that it was Aloha Airlines.

Update: AOL has a really dumb commercial. And I've seen it more than once. What a waste of money.

Update: Great anti-tobacco commercial--go to www.shardsoglass.com

Final Update: Well my chosen team lost. And so ends Super Bowl XXXVIII

Posted by Shelby at February 1, 2004 05:37 PM