February 05, 2004

Not Much to Report

Not much to say today. I must have not gotten enough sleep last night because I sure slept a lot today. I went up to downtown LA to have lunch with Sherri. Very fun. We ate at Marie Callendar's and I had some potato cheese soup and apple pie. Hard to beat that. Then I came home and just slept. And slept. And slept. Scout wasn't too excited about my choice of daytime activities, but she did cuddle up with me for a few hours.

Tomorrow I'm off to southern Orange County to see my brother and sister in law and my two nieces, Corie (8) and Seana (18 months). I can't believe I'm going to miss 6 months of their lives. They're going to grow up so much! Well at least I'll get some quality time in before I leave.

Posted by Shelby at February 5, 2004 12:13 AM