February 06, 2004

Bad Day

Well it's a crappy day for Kevin across the sea, and it's not going so well here either. I had a small but expensive crisis with my medicine due to a prescription plan my insurance company forces me to use.

For long-term medicine we have to use one of those mail-in pharmacies. The advantage is that I can get 3 months at a time. The disadvantage is that they are slow and unresponsive. Well they lost one of my prescription refills which I figured out on one of the last days we were in San Jose. We faxed in the prescription and everything seemed to be going fine until they called me last week to find out what address I wanted it shipped to (even though I went online and changed my address and checked the box that said "use this address for all subsequent orders). Well I should have gotten overnight delivery but that wasn't communicated clearly, so here I sit with less than a week's worth of one of my most important heart meds.

This has happened before, of course. And that time I had my doctor call in a prescription to my local pharmacy in San Jose and I got a week's worth and had to pay out of my own pocket because the mail order pharmacy had already filled the order, it just hadn't arrived yet. Same situation here. Luckily I still had the bottle from the first time this happened, so I went down to Sav-On and had them transfer the prescription and give me two weeks worth of medicine. Of course this isn't covered by insurance so I had to pay out of pocket.

Hopefully this supply will last me long enough to get the stuff from the mail order pharmacy. Boy, this really sucks. Of course, watch it come in the mail tomorrow. Well actually I'd be elated if that happened because I wouldn't have to worry about it anymore.

Today is definitely shaping up to be a difficult day.

Posted by Shelby at February 6, 2004 04:32 PM