February 06, 2004


Well the day was dragging and I had no evening plans, so I decided to take myself out. My parents belong to a wine-tasting group called FAWG (Friday Afternoon Wine Group). FAWG meets every Friday evening with different FAWG members hosting. There is usually a theme (tonight's was Bordeaux blends) and you bring a bottle and an appetizer. My parents have belonged to FAWG for, oh, about 20 years now, and I've attended several events.

Anyone can come to a tasting, so I invited myself tonight. I called friends of the family who are also in the wine group and carpooled to the tasting. There were lots of people there I knew and I had a good time. I didn't contribute either a wine or food (I was a mooch, I know) but it was really nice.

I'm usually a huge fan of appetizers. I've been known to eat at restaurants and order a few appetizers for my meal. But there were some unfortunate choices tonight. For a few minutes there, each appetizer was worse than the previous. I finally escaped to the cheese plate (someone always brings cheese) and the shrimp (someone always brings shrimp) and things went well from there. Then we had some awesome choices so I was happy.

Of course I was a one subject person tonight.
"Where's your mom and dad?"
"Still in New Zealand."
"Is Kevin here?"
"No, he's already in Germany."
"I thought you were going to Germany."
"Yes, on Monday."

Anyway, I'm glad I got out of the house and did something social. I already have activities lined up for the weekend so that should take my mind off of missing Kevin and being anxious/excited to get to Germany. Tomorrow I'm hanging out with my friend Jamie, and Sunday it's breakfast with Nell. In fact, I should get to bed.

Posted by Shelby at February 6, 2004 11:33 PM