February 08, 2004

Got That Taken Care of

After that whole medicine/pharmacy/prescription fiasco yesterday, I finally got ahold of them this morning and guess what the information was that they needed?

They needed my address.

Never mind that 3 weeks ago I ordered medicine online and put in the Torrance address, checking the box that said "use this for subsequent orders." Never mind that in spite of that they still called me last Tuesday to get my address, at which time I repeated the Torrance address and asked them specifically to change my record so that all medication will be sent here. Never mind that they sent 2 different orders of medicine to this house in the last two weeks. And never mind that in this most recent order of 4 medications, 3 of them got sent here and this last one, which was a part of the same order that made it here, was somehow singled out to be cancelled because they "didn't know" what address to send it to.

I'm both annoyed and relieved. Relieved that this is all it was and that I don't have to try to track down my doctor on Monday morning before I leave. Annoyed that they're so stupid they can't send my medication to the right address despite my telling them three times and their successfully sending it here twice.

Plus the customer disservice lady got all snippy with me, because it was clearly my fault that they can't get my address right. I asked how it could be possible that 3/4 of the same order can get sent to the right address and the last 1/4 was so confusing they had to call me to ask me what the address is. And I mean ask me--not confirm. I had to spell out the complete address as they typed it in. The lady was like "Well this is done by machine and sometimes the machine makes mistakes" and I was like "well put a special note in my file so this 'mistake' doesn't happen again." There was some discussion on whether or not that can be done (it can't--surprise!) but she assured me that now that they have my address, all future orders will go there. I won't be putting money on that, but we'll see. Anyway, I'm glad that's done. And I have enough to last me until I can get this next shipment.

Posted by Shelby at February 8, 2004 03:01 PM