February 11, 2004

I Have Access!

Kevin has figured out a way for me to have internet access so I'm back on my own computer.

Germany is going well so far. Our apartment is sehr (very) cute. It's basically a studio with an upstairs loft with a bed. We have a nice sized bathroom with a tub. Our kitchen is quite cute, and while we lack an oven (we have a microwave and two burners) we have a dishwasher! Hooray! The place is furnished in Ikea and the table is the same one I have, as well as a chair we have too.

We are in a great location too. A few blocks down the street there is a square with several small food places. A couple of bakeries, some soup and sandwich places, a sushi place (too bad I don't like sushi!), a food court that I haven't really explored yet, and a McDonald's and Pizza Hut, in case I need that America fix.

Tonight we went to Wal Mart to stock up on some things we're missing like a hair dryer and bath mat. I also got a small bedside table, and assembling it turned out to be a slight challenge. We have no tools! We used the point of the scissors for a phillip's head screwdriver, a butter knife for a flat head screwdriver, and we skipped putting the back on because we couldn't find a hammer substitute.

We're still missing a mailbox key. They think that the last tenant either walked off with it or lost it. Hopefully we'll be getting that soon. I may need to make another Wal Mart trip tomorrow to pick up some other things I didn't realize we needed, like napkins, pot holders, and dishwashing liquid.

Scout has made herself right at home. Kevin bought a sheepskin and she slept on that last night. Today she took a nap on the bed with me. She's taken over the small couch we have and already turned her nose down at a Germany chewie. She liked the Pedigree Kevin bought as well as the treats, so that's good.

My internet connection tends to go up and down, although it's more up than down, which is good. I still need to finish unpacking everything and work on getting to a normal time schedule here. So basically everything is going really well.

Posted by Shelby at February 11, 2004 03:23 PM