February 15, 2004

Puggies Everywhere

Today was a mellow day. We laid around and then took a walk to the language school (quite close) and to the very nice park. Scout loves the park (the smells! the smells!).

So far we've yet to see another beagle here. Or a dachshund. There have been several German Shepherds (imagine that!) and 4 pugs. Today we saw a little pug puppy. He was so cute! He came up and sniffed Scout and tried to follow us but returned to his owners when they called. The dogs here are very well trained and most of them walk around without a leash. We could never do that with Scout because she would just follow her nose somewhere and she has no sense of cars or traffic.

We walked through the Gansemarkt to get to the language school and I noticed that the Pizza Hut has an exterior window. One of the pizzas they were advertising was cheese and "salami." I wonder if it's what we consider salami, or if it's actually pepperoni and they're just calling it salami. Yesterday when we went to the grocery store there was what we call a farmer's market (I don't know what the Germans call them, probably just a market) and I noticed in one of the stands with vegetables that they had "pepperoni" and it was a type of pepper (like a large jalapeno). I'll have to be careful if I ever go to a pizzaria to not order pepperoni and end up with a mouthful of hot peppers (not my thing).

Right across from the language school was a bar. I anticipate my classmates and I commiserating over a bier after class. Or at least grabbing some salami pizza. We'll see. Class starts in March. I need to go in there while they're open and find out the gritty details (making sure to enroll myself in a beginner class rather than some upper level). It was closed when we walked by there today, but they had their schedules posted in the window. Conveniently printed in...German. Um, aren't we taking classes because we don't read German? Should be interesting.

Posted by Shelby at February 15, 2004 09:17 AM