February 17, 2004

Luscious Lush

My internet connection seems to be working during the day now, although my computer still drops and picks up the signal rather often.

I haven't gone out of the house yet today and it's noon. Soon I'll take Scout for her midday constitutional. I still have to shower first.

My allergies have been acting up, unfortunately. My nose has been alternately stuffy and runny, and it itches like crazy. Good thing I brought my Benadryl.

Now I have to write about how much I love Lush. Love it, love it, love it. It's a store that handmakes their own cosmetics. Not makeup, but soaps, shampoo, bath products, etc. All of their ingredients are fresh and they have a ton to choose from. They make many of their products (like all of the soap) in large round shapes and then they cut off a chunk for you to buy. They also have solid shampoo which I just love. I like the idea of rubbing a bar of shampoo on your head and having it all foam up and everything. When we visited a few days ago, I got a soap, a shampoo, a massage bar, and a bubble bar. The bubble bar is a lump of solid bubble bath. You just break off a small piece and throw it in the bath. Very cool. The massage bar is solid but once you warm it up on a body, it turns into a nice oil which is very conducive to a massage.

Their products smell great. Everything has a different scent and it's fun to walk through the store picking up things and smelling them. I discovered Lush on a trip to Whistler, Canada (not my honeymoon to Whistler, but a family trip I'd taken earlier). They are all over the world, but it took a long time to end up in the US. I know there's one in San Francisco in Union Square, which I have visited, and I think they've expanded to other US locations, so if you have a Lush in your area, GO! You won't be sorry.

Posted by Shelby at February 17, 2004 03:04 AM

My single gripe with Lush (good-'ol-Scotch-thrift me) is that Lush seems to follow a numerically consistent pricing policy around the world: if something costs 15 whatevers in country X, it'll also cost 15 other-local-whatevers in country Y.

Great if you're in Canada, somewhat more expensive if you're in the US, best not to think about it if you're on the Spitalerstrasse in Hamburg ...

Posted by: Kevin at February 17, 2004 06:37 AM
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